Attention – Bride’s on a Budget!

Do you want your wedding to be the most talked about wedding of the year?

It’s your special day. It has to have all the beauty and elegance because you deserve it.  You only get married once so it has to have everything just the way YOU want it; in a way that it compliments you and also, won’t break the bank!

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Imagine yourself sipping your favourite cocktail or walking hand in hand on a beautiful beach as the sun sets in Bali or Phuket.  You can be doing this and so much more on your 7 night stay in either Bali or Phuket with your new spouse.

Get a couples massage, laze on your deck chair, enjoy the pool or go on any number of tours that exist.  This is the honeymoon you have been waiting for.  From the most amazing wedding to a sky full of colour and delight through to your very own honeymoon, we are offering you our Fireworks and Honeymoon Package.

Simply choose which fireworks package and as a complimentary thank you for hiring us, we will gift you a free 7 night stay at a luxurious resort in Bali or Phuket. You get to choose which one!

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The Top 6 Reasons Bride's Choose Aerial Pyro-Tech for their Special Day!

  • You get the safest displays in Australia
  • It can be fully choreographed to your choice of music
  • You can have aerial heart bursts
  • Your display uses the highest quality fireworks your money can purchase
  • A simple and easy payment plan to suit your budget!
  • Affordable Packages available
  • BONUS – Your satisfaction GUARANTEED!!

Our Beautiful Bride's Compliments

Having the magic and memories long after your day!

Aerial Pyro-Tech will work with you to produce a fireworks package that will blow all other weddings away and make yours the most talked about wedding of the year!  BUT you’re thinking, that will be expensive. Can I afford that?  I am on a tight budget!  I really don’t know if it’s for me.

And you are probably thinking, how can a fireworks display be personalised to me? It is so easy! There are over 5000 different effects and dozens of colours, no two displays are the same.

Your wedding fireworks can start slow and soft and build up to a gorgeous finale or your display can start hard and fast.  Whichever way you want it, it will certainly entertain your quests and surprise your future husband or wife.

Do you have your favourite music in mind where your wedding fireworks can flow with the tunes of your musical choice. The fireworks will crackle and burst in all their magical glory against the night sky.

The choice is yours!

Wedding Fireworks Packages for Brisbane Weddings


The ultimate wedding “wow factor” gets everyone talking and puts love in the air! Incredible array of 19shot to 400 shot multi-shot fireworks includes:

6 + 7+ 13+ 19 shot single rows
160 x 50mm aerial shells
72 x 75mm aerial shells
12 x 75mm Heart aerial shells
4 x fountains for photo shoot


Nothing says “I love you, you’re mine” than this display. Extravagant selection of 19 shot to 100 shot multi-shot fireworks includes:

4 x 6 shot and 19 shot single rows
96 x 50mm aerial shells
32 x 65mm aerial shells
6 x 65mm Heart aerial shells


Memorable gold or silver fountains that shoot a spray of sparks into the air.

10 x 16 shot multishots
5 x 25 shot multishots
64 x 50mm aerial shells

We are here to help you have the most magical and memorable day of your life!

We are here for you to create the magic and the memories of your special day.
All you have to do is sit back in the arms of the one you love and enjoy your day and your spectacular wedding fireworks display!

It is your day and something you will remember for the rest of your life!

Call now to find out how you can have the most amazing fireworks display for your special day that won’t break the bank…

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Send us an email and organise a time where we can sit down with you and talk about your wedding.  Your friends and family will simply love your surprise fireworks and it will make the night so much more magical and memorable.