Fireworks Displays for End of Season Break-ups, Grand Final Events or Celebrating Your Teams Big Win!

Are you wanting something for the grand final or for the End of Season Break-Up? Something amazing and thrilling like a brilliant fireworks display that will delight and excite and deliver huge smiling faces with loads of cheering, which will all be in spectacular style.

Our children play a season of their favourite sports and they play their hearts out. Playing hard all year for their club, under the club banner and colours, whether they win all lose as long as they have fun and keep fit. Like anything we do where we put our full focus on something, there comes a time when you need to take a break and let your hair down.

That is when the end of season break-up allows this to occur. The majority of clubs provide their players with trophies and medallions. And then it is onto the main event where kids can really let their hair down.

This is where clubs and sporting associations bring out all the stops with amusement rides and games. Is your club or sporting association looking for something that can be used in conjunction with your current end of season amusements?

We have the answer you are looking for. Fireworks can enhance your End of Season break-ups or bring additional celebrations to the grand final by being used when a try or goal is scored.

Magic happens in that moment and happy smiling faces pursue a grand spectacular fireworks display. A professional fireworks display is a truly great addition to any break-up or grand final event.
Does your club have a theme song or a song that represents you best? Perhaps we can choreograph that song to suit your club and have the fireworks look and sound even better. Perhaps you just want the fireworks to close out the rides and amusements. As they finish we can bring home the finale fireworks and close off an incredible year for your club.

Get in contact with us and we can have a qualified master Pyrotechnician come out to your venue and talk with your committee if needed and we can show you how a fireworks display can and will make your club the talk of the town.

Contact us today.