Are you looking to experience the ultimate spectacle – the fire in the sky that rocks in your New Year?

All around the world, the night skies blaze in all the glory through spectacular colours and effects as the chimes sound when the big hand strikes 12!

Aerial Pyro-Tech are Brisbane fireworks display specialists who bring all their training and experience together to make it a night to remember.

Every year the same high calibre expertise delivers the very best fireworks that are possible. We have been doing this for 17 years and we will do it all again this year and it could be for you. It is something that you need to book early as we are sort after by everyone due to our amazing displays. Not only are our displays top shelf, you receive the best quality fireworks and the very best service.

There is nothing like watching the night light up and having your event talked about for all the right reasons. Aerial Pyro-Tech will go out of their way to ensure you receive the best display on the most important night of the year. There is no second chance on this night so it must be done with precision and prowess.

We have two Packages available for New Year’s Eve.

The first package is the Family Favourite’s Package. It contains all the very best fireworks with Tourbillions, comets, Mines, Crackle and an array of the favourite aerial shells as they crack and explode high in the night sky. This is the opening night of festival fun and laughter that will delight and entertain all the kids and the young at heart. It will leave you wanting more with a 5 minute display that everyone will love.
Stand Out Features


  • A Mix of Aerial Shells
  • Tourbillions, Mines and Crackle
  • A Brilliant Array of Colour and Effects

Stand Out Features


  • 8 Full Minutes of Action!
  • Huge Fireworks Bursting Over the Top
  • Missive Selection of Colour and Special Effects

You now have 3 choices when It comes to booking your New Years Eve Spectacular fireworks display



  • Don’t do anything. Just sit there and don’t have an amazing New Years Celebration
  • Go to bed early
  • Don’t have any fun
  • Miss out on all the celebrations


  • Pick up the phone and book a consultation with one of our lead Pyro’s. Let us know exactly what you are looking for and lets see just how amazing your celebrations will be!
  • Receive a free consultation
  • Get excited with what you’ll receive come NYE
  • Don’t delay or you’ll miss out!


  • Countdown to the festivities and the celebrations. Now is the time to break out the bubbly and party and your New Years Eve fireworks spectacular rockets into the night sky to produce the most amazing fun and excitement that you so richly deserve.
  • A huge celebration of colour and effect
  • The most amazing New Years Eve ever!
  • Set New Years Resolutions to the thunderous roar of a magical New Years Eve fireworks!

Both these displays are well designed and laid out to really maximise the area and the night sky. We work with you and your specifications in order to make your event the best ever!

Set your sight’s high and allow the stunning visual effects from the brilliant and highly sort after Brisbane fireworks specialists, Aerial Pyro-Tech deliver a truly amazing and memorable New Year like you’ve never seen before!

Contact us today if you want to experience the masters at play or if you want your event to reach new heights and be remembered for all the right reasons!

You and your patrons deserve to bring in the New Year as if you’re standing in Time Square and experiencing that joy and the love first hand as the famous ball descends. Don’t let another year pass and just have a few fireworks popping.

Call in the people that will make your event a wonderful and marvellous party celebration that will be enjoyed by all the kids, their family and friends and all the party animals.

How can I have a New Years Eve Spectacular Fireworks Display?

There are more features you could ever wanted.