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Outdoor fireworks are the most common form of fireworks you are likely to see. They vary in size and shape. You’ll often find them at fetes, fairs, festivals, at community events such as Christmas Carols and at Show Society events. New Year’s Eve is possibly one of the biggest days around the world where you will find a fireworks display on every second corner.

Fireworks are brightly coloured and have a variety of effects. They are unmistakable and are used so readily to celebrate special events and occasions and life as a whole.
They have the power to turn an ordinary day into a magical experience of love and laughter by bringing joy to the masses. Who wouldn’t want to have fireworks adding joy to their lives? Fireworks will create a happy place, a place where you forget about the problems, the bills, the mortgage, the children arguing and the workplace you may not particularly like but do it anyway. There is something extra special in fireworks that you can quite put your finger on but they are loads of fun.

They have a special way of bringing families together, to rejoice in the wonder and magic. And to see the smiles and hear the cheers from the audience makes what we do so amazingly exciting and brilliant.

There are so many varying options with outdoor fireworks. There are various sized aerial shells and the more area we have for safety, the better. We can use larger aerial shells to burst at varying heights in the night sky.

Then there are the barrage cakes, or ground effects. There make up a vast majority of the display. These multi-shot fireworks give us the duration as they have 16 shots or 24 shots right through to 300 shots in one product all bursting and crackling in their glory.

We use the highest level choreography software and state of the art firing systems to ensure your display is at the professional level that you deserve. We painstakingly spend hours creating and choreographing your display so that is delivers maximum thrill, maximum fun and excitement for every guest and it delivers on a professional level for you!

If you want next level quality and service at your event with a professional fireworks display, then you need to speak with one of our team and we will take the hassle and the worry out of choosing the right company for your display needs.

Aerial Pyro-Tech are industry leaders and professional choreographers in delivering the quality you desire.

We need to use a mix of both ground effects and the aerial shells so that we have a large array of different effects and different heights as one bursts and crackles over the top of the other.

Outdoor fireworks can have these effects but are not limited to these:

  • Peony
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Crackle
  • Strobing Effect
  • Bouquets
  • Comets
  • • Mines
  • • Dahlias
  • • Brocades
  • • Flying Fish
  • • Swimming Stars
  • • Willows

Of course the list goes on. Having a mix of all of these and more really create a fantastic display. Choosing the music is a small part; choosing the right fireworks with that music is where real professional choreography comes into play. If this is not done well, then the show doesn’t deliver the WOW Factor your event needs.


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