When you are looking for a venue, ensure they are a registered venue!

fireworks displays Brisbane, fireworks displays Sunshine Coast, fireworks, We have been employed by a bride and groom to perform their fireworks display for their upcoming wedding.  They looked around and checked out venues and found a real nice location. It has great views and they have really done a lot of renovations and bought the whole venue up to a high standard.

The bride and groom were so impressed with all the work they’d done and how it looked and suited the theme of the wedding.  They then checked to make sure the venue allowed fireworks.  As it turns out, the venue does allow fireworks. That was the deciding factor. In fact, the bride said that was the only factor. That was the one thing they wanted at their wedding - Fireworks!

So, it was done. The venue was booked. The location was sent out to all the friends and family on the invites. Everything was running so well. They had organised an event planner to take care of all the other stuff. The event planner is one of the best and their attention to detail is great when setting up and helping you with your big day.

28 days out from their wedding with all smooth sailing and all of a sudden, there is a huge problem.  The venue is in hot water with the council as they are not a registered venue.  A complaint was lodged by local residents due to excessive noise from previous functions held at the venue and now the bride and groom cannot have the fireworks they so desperately wanted, due to new imposed noise restrictions from the council.

I personally have not seen a more deflated couple.  They are the loveliest, warmest couple you have ever met. They are so down to earth and we were unable to help them have the biggest wedding of the year.  Aerial Pyro-Tech has never come across this in all the years of service.  It was devastating and heart breaking to say the least.

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We worked out that we can provide a full Close Proximity display for the bride and groom.  The problem with that is it is in no way a match to a full outdoor ‘high octane’ WOW Factor display.  Whilst an indoor or close proximity display is amazing and designed to be a quick ‘highlight’ effect that closes out a performance, it doesn’t have the same big aerial shells or large fan effects and wedding hearts that burst over the top.  The duration is cut immensely.  From a good 5 – 6 minute outdoor display to a 1 minute or 1 and a half minutes is long for a Close Proximity Display.

Whilst we have been able to find a compromise, the bride and groom are basically settling for a Close Proximity display all because the venue is not registered.  We want everyone to know that whilst looking at venues; please ensure that the venue you choose is a registered one.  That way you won’t have a curfew on time; you can have everything you want for your special day and there is no fear or worry that the council will be sitting in the street ready to shut down you wedding day!

Weddings And You!

Wedding Fireworks Display

Designing a wedding can be hard work.  Working out what cake you want, where to get the dress no-one has ever seen before, invitations, the venue, even the honeymoon.  The list goes on.  The one thing we can do to make your night a spectacle of fashion and prowess is in our  wedding packages.  These packages range from the simple yet eloquent outdoor display to the extreme stunningly beautiful bouquet of colour and delight.

We can tailor a package to your specifications.  These specifications may be your colour theme or your musical taste.  You can provide the music you want to see with your favourite variations of pyrotechnic effects that light up the night sky or we can organise the music if required.  We plan our packages to suit you, your requirements and the venue.  The best thing about our packages is, you don’t have to worry or stress about anything. We take care of the whole package from designing to cleaning up at the end.  All you need to do is enjoy your special day.  We will make it magical and an event fit for a King and Queen.

The Proposal

Considering a marriage proposal?  Then you have come to the right place.  Do you have the location picked out? Location is everything when you are deciding on asking the most romantic question.  Have you thought about how you will ask? Will you get down on one knee, in a romantic evening perfect for two? Have you chosen the meal?  What is your partners’ favourite dish?  What about a bottle of champagne? It wouldn’t be complete without toasting and celebrating.

Now, you have all that planned.  All the preparation is taken care of. But there is one thing still missing, isn’t there?  You want to really dedicate this evening, to both you and your partner.  It has to have meaning. It has to have everything that your partner means to you.

With this in mind, as you get down on your knee, and you tell them why your life is so much better with them in it, why it is such a delight to wake in the morning and they are the first person you want to see, and the last person you want to say good night too; we light up the night with a sign – WILL YOU MARRY ME?

As your bride or groom to be says ‘YES’, we compliment the evening with one of our most amazing wedding packages that delivers a powerful, love filled and truly romantic celebration.  Our wedding packages are nothing short of spectacular.

The Wedding Day

Marriage is a sacred ceremony that is a union between two souls.  It is a beautiful connection between two people that says I offer all of who I am to another, for better or worse, until death do us part.  It is a lifelong commitment which declares all of our love for each other, no holding anything back, building each other up, growing and expanding together.  And because it is a sacred ceremony as you come together, you can share this with amazing friends and family.  Share the love, share the connection, and make this ceremony stand out from all others with colour, style and brilliance with a stunning, masterfully crafted fireworks celebration.  Let everyone see how amazing your day is.  Let the skies be filled with the magic that you both feel for each other.

Something Special

Whatever you are planning, we can help.  Many times we have been asked to provide something extra, something special.  We can do something truly amazing that will leave everyone wanting more. Some of the different things are outlined below.  But if these are not what you have in mind, feel free to offer your suggestions.  We are always up for new challenges, new ways to improve and deliver the magic and connection.  Don’t be limited by imagination. Be bold and find that something special and we will be there to work with you.

Pyrotechnic Signs

With our signs, we use a product that super exceeds the old lances which sometimes failed to light when required.  Lances were temperamental to say the least.  But today, lance rope is a far more cost effective and reliable product to use.  It comes in a length and we can twist it and bend it so that we can write names, words and that special ‘Will you marry me?”  It can even be used to create company logos.

Call now to find out how you can have the most amazing fireworks display for your special day that won’t break the bank…

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Illegal Fireworks

Unauthorised Use – Illegal Fireworks

Within Queensland there are governing laws that allow the use of fireworks for outdoor fireworks displays, indoor displays and even special effects to be conducted.  These laws allow operators and contractors to perform fireworks displays throughout the state at various locations for all types of events from New Year’s Eve events to Christmas Carols, school fetes, fairs and even festivals.  They are designed so that everyone can have the best experience possible.  When the mums and dads are there with their children watching a beautifully orchestrated display, taking in the joy, the excitement and the family experience is what life and fireworks are all about.

Fireworks are an explosive and as such contractors and operators undergo a variety of training courses and recertification courses to ensure they remain competent in the use of pyrotechnic effects.  This training is to ensure that correct use and handling of fireworks by authorised personnel are at the highest safety level.

Fireworks cannot be purchased, sold or delivered to any person whom is not a licenced operator or contractor.  The reasons for this are many and varied but in short, if you are not licenced, and don’t have the necessary skills and training with the correct use of fireworks, you cannot have any pyrotechnic effects in your possession.  There are big fines and even jail time if you are found to have any pyrotechnic device.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy fireworks.  To be able to experience with your family and friends and to have a company provide a special show for a special occasion, just for you is the safest and best option.  Too often, there are fingers blown off, buildings and manufacturing plants destroyed and lives lost.  Do not become a victim to the wonder of fireworks.  Be smart today, live tomorrow and enjoy many more magic moments with your family.

As contractors, there are many notifications and permits that need to be completed and delivered.  These notices include notifying animal shelters and horse studs in the surrounding area so that the occupiers can take necessary steps in order to protect the family pets and other animals.

If you find something that you feel could be a pyrotechnic device you should notify the police on 000 or the Department of Mines and Energy on 1300 739 868.  Do not try to handle the device or even attempt to take it home.  Notify the authorities and get them to remove it safely.

Alternatively, if you hear fireworks going off in your neighbourhood, or you see it happening in your street, there is a chance they are illegal and it shouldn’t be happening.  It isn’t just the lives of the people at the party that are at risk, the premises could be damaged, wildlife injured and the family pets in the area could run away, never to be seen again, and I am sure you wouldn’t that to happen to your beloved pet.  Many times, animals have been injured or have died from illegal fireworks in the community.  If you see or hear them, contact your local police station or notify the Department of Mines and Energy on 1300 739 868.

Aerial Pyro-Tech wants everyone to stay safe and enjoy the fireworks displays with your family at the events around this great state.  Don’t go out and get illegal fireworks where you could potentially put yourself and your family and friends lives at risk.

We hope that everyone enjoys the magic of our fireworks celebrations each and every time you get to see them.

Designing Fireworks Displays

There is a lot of work that goes into a fireworks display.  From the initial go ahead from the client, we then begin working a process that requires us to view the property in which we will conduct the fireworks display.  This viewing takes into account all measurements of trees, buildings, carparks, light towers and any other structure that could influence on the fireworks themselves. It also includes a risk assessment process of the proposed site taking into account, all the above mentioned structures, plus we need to note where the crowds will be standing, and any rides or stalls that will be present on the night.  It’s also important to know where we will be setting up in the event we cannot set up at the proposed Firing Point. Certain venues like the Brisbane EKKA require the set up of the display at a secure location throughout the day and then move the entire display to the arena in the evening where each firing position is placed in a particular spot.

After the site map and risk assessments are complete, we can then begin the process of choosing the music.  Now, choosing the music if fun because we can play with the music by cutting it and changing it to suit your requirements.  Having an idea of how you, the client, want the fireworks display to unfold is crucial in laying out the tracks in order to produce a stunningly choreographed pyrotechnics performance.

The music has been completed. Now it is time to bring on the fireworks themselves.  Listen to the music; sequence the fireworks to the highs and lows of the tracks and follow along building the excitement, the anticipation towards the finale.  We set out the display with multiple firing points or firing positions.  Each position will have a number of pyrotechnic effects that will fire in a sequence, dancing to the music.

If you have seen Brisbane’s Riverfire with the fireworks firing from the roof tops, the bridges and from the barges, then you will understand the various firing positions and how we can make the fireworks dance and how certain pyrotechnic effects can enhance others. It is designed to give a greater exposure to the audience and really fill the sky.

As we build the display towards the finale, we can craft it in different ways. The two most popular finale sequences is either going all the way to the end with an almighty climax or having a dummy finale prior.  Having the dummy finale is great because you build the display up and finish big.  The crowd thinks the display is over, but, the music begins again. The fireworks again start soft. As the music rolls on intensifying, so do the fireworks. Between the music and the amazing fireworks, they bring the display to one almighty final piece that leaves everyone in the audience wanting more.  Implementing a false or dummy finale is a great way to recapture the audience.  Just when they thought it was all over, ‘wow’, it starts again adding just a little more magic to their evening.

This is also a great way to deliver wedding fireworks to the bride and grooms special day giving them an extra piece of magic in their memories.   Every bride wants their day to be uniquely theirs and rightly so. That is one reason why we make every display different.

Whether we are performing the Gold Coast fireworks displays, Brisbane fireworks displays or wedding fireworks displays and other special occasions, we create a little piece of magic for everyone and deliver a spellbinding euphoria experience.

Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are a dangerous product to be used.  Not only can they cause burns and other injuries to people using the fireworks and or spectators, but they can cause fires from the burning embers landing on combustible material.  And because of this, there is legislation that restricts unauthorised use of fireworks.  There are specialised training programs that have to be undertaken by professional pyrotechnicians on a regular basis.  This training ensures that the pyros stay up to date with all relevant legislation and that they remain competent to perform fireworks displays.

Fireworks themselves are also put through vigorous testing before they can be used in any display.  Once they pass the testing, they are then supplied with safety data information that provide the pyrotechnician with burst diameters, heights of operation and various specifications which assist in determining the most suitable products for the venue and the display.

Aerial Pyro-Tech has developed and implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) that is governed by all fireworks legislation.  It has been developed to assist all operators and assistants the perform the most amazing fireworks displays whilst maintaining safety throughout the entire process.  The Safety Management System covers everything from the initial contact of the client and the suitability of the venue through to the display and of course, the cleanup at the very end.  We have left no stone unturned, to ensure everyone gets the most amazing fireworks display in the safest possible way.

With any operation that is conducted, safety is of the utmost importance.  Therefore, some of the parameters we perform are through various permits requiring acknowledgement from the recipient and notifications to persons not engaged in the fireworks display.  Some of these notifications are for residents nearby to the venue.  It informs them of the time, date, location and to keep their pets indoors for a period of time.

Here is a short list of some of the departments and other persons we contact:


Each display has all permits included from the necessary departments like:

  • Department of Mines and Energy (DME)
  • CASA
  • Maritime Safety Aquatic Event Permits
  • Land Owner


Not only do we notify those departments with the necessary permits and notifications, but in addition we notify:

  • Local councils
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Rural Fire Brigade
  • Residents (in the vicinity of the venue)


Another great quality as part of our Safety Management System is a full public liability insurance of $10 000 000.00.

And all this is just a small part of the total aspect of safety throughout Aerial Pyro-Tech’s operations.  We pride ourselves in being the safest Brisbane fireworks organisation.

If you would like to know more about how we bring it all together to provide the safest and greatest fireworks displays, contact us today - 1300 305 894.