Parties, Birthdays and Other Special Occasions

Experience the laughter and the cheers from your guests with the beauty of fireworks and celebrate like no other as you turn 18, 21, 30, 40,or even 70! It doesn’t matter the age, just so long as you celebrate, and celebrate in STYLE!!

Are you looking to celebrate your birthday, a party or other special occasion? Perhaps it is for a loved one as a surprise or as a remembrance celebration. Aerial Pyro-Tech has done them all. Life is a celebration and what better way to celebrate that greatness than with family, and friends enjoying a fabulous fireworks display for that special event; for that someone special. Say it with love, colour and amazing effects against the night sky.

You can have that special birthday surprise to their favourite music or you could have the display to open hard and fast to really electrify the evening. Whatever way you choose, the birthday person will surely love it.

Do you want to make it a party to end all parties? With special effects, whizzing shells and fanned comets bursting from there tubes, these effects can and will create an amazing atmosphere for your party guests.  Everyone will enjoy the creativity that goes into having fireworks dance to the music, bursting at that exact moment or seeing it leave the holder and the precise time the musical beat changes in rhythm.

There are so many special occasions, that fireworks can really make a fantastic statement for.  From Births to Grand Openings, Gala Dinners and Anniversaries, Reunions; the closing of the old to make way for the new; Sporting Events and breakups; New Year’s Eve; Christmas Carols; Pageants; Musicals; Formals; T.V. Commercials and movies, the list goes on.  If you want creativity, design and a speciality like no other, then fireworks could be the answer.

Let the magic and the wonder of fireworks deliver that extra special moment which creates lasting memories at any special function.

Fireworks are far more than just a pop, pop, bang. Those days are long gone.  If you want to know more about how to create that magical moment for your function or event, let us work with you to make that happen.  We love to create, design and be a part of your day, bringing smiles to as many people as we can and to support you in having the best possible event imaginable.

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