Aerial Pyro-Tech’s Story

The Aerial Pyro-Tech story begins when someone found a loophole in the legislation that allowed companies to sell the consumer bags of fireworks to the general public for a short time back 1998 – 1999.  A friend of Scott’s worked at and a van came around selling these bags of fireworks.  He got two bags, one for himself and one for Scott.  Scott used his bag in November for his mum’s birthday.  He stood them in a bucket of sand to hold them upright. One leaned over in the sand and shot between Scott and his best mate and they both looked at each other with quite a worried look!  A month later there was an advert in the local Trading Post, about doing a course and getting a licence to do fireworks.  In January 2000, Scott underwent the course and successfully completed it.

And so the journey began…

Aerial Pyro-Tech

Thus, he began his own company, known as Aerial Pyro-Tech.  Aerial Pyro-Tech is a family owned, Brisbane based fireworks business. They have been involved in fireworks for the past 17 years and in that time have performed some truly stunning and breathtaking fireworks displays. It grew into a passion; a desire to entertain people.

“We love how it takes them back to a childlike state, even for just 5 minutes. Everyone forgets about the bills, the mortgage, their children’s arguments, the stresses of work and they become transfixed; lost and carefree in the moment.”

They perform fireworks displays all over Queensland and New South Wales, from birthday parties to fetes, fairs and festivals. Fireworks for Weddings are on the rise, with more brides wanting their own personalised piece of magic. To get photos in the album of the bride and groom standing in front of a beautifully crafted fireworks display seems to be every bride’s dream. Aerial Pyro-Tech performs more weddings than ever before and they believe it is a true delight to help make the wedding day that much more incredible!

Now let’s not forget New Year’s Eve, which is always a heightened thrill. A few of the locations Aerial Pyro-Tech have been involved are Maryborough, Harvey Bay, Aspley, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Melbourne. And not a year goes by where the crowds don’t scream for more!

Aerial Pyro-Tech brings professionalism and expertise to any event and they love to perform and entertain all their crowds. They are a Brisbane attractions specialist and love to entertain you!

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