The Aerial Pyro-Tech Story

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Scott – Owner of Aerial Pyro-Tech

Aerial Pyro-Tech Fireworks are experts in the pyrotechnics field. Professional fireworks companies are few and far between. Exceptional fireworks and mega finale’s are required and expected at events and that is where Aerial Pyro-Tech step in.  They take an event to the next level.  Experienced designers deliver fully choreographed fireworks displays with passion and prowess, whilst the ground crews set up and prepare the display.

It isn’t about popping a few fireworks and saying good enough.  It is about finding out what out clients want and then crafting a display to match the event. From the romance of a wedding to a brilliant awe inspiring crowd pleaser that delivers maximum ‘bang for buck’, you’ll be amazed at just how incredible your event will turn out!

Aerial Pyro-Tech take fireworks to a whole new level, second to none. Best known as Brisbane’s Fireworks Display Expert’s, Aerial Pyro-Tech will always deliver world class fireworks effects, designs and create a custom designed show to each and every event, where NO 2 displays are the same!

Learning, growing and perfecting the art of an amazing fireworks display always means they out perform other companies putting them at the forefront of the pyrotechnics industry throughout Australia.

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Beautiful fireworks for wonderful events

And so the journey began…

The Aerial Pyro-Tech story began when a loophole was found in the legislation that allowed companies to sell the consumer bags of fireworks to the general public for a short time back 1998 – 1999.  A friend of mine worked at a local business and a van came around selling  bags of fireworks. He got two bags, one for himself and one for me. I used these fireworks  for my mum’s birthday. I stood them in a bucket of sand to hold them upright but one leaned over in the sand and shot between my best mate and myself.

A month later there was an advert in the local Trading Post about doing a course and getting a licence to do fireworks. In January 2000, he signed up for the course and successfully completed it.  This is where Aerial Pyro-Tech was born.

Thus, he began his own company, known as Aerial Pyro-Tech.  Aerial Pyro-Tech is a family owned, Brisbane based fireworks business. They have been involved in fireworks for the past 17 years and in that time have performed some truly stunning and breathtaking fireworks displays. It grew into a passion; a desire to entertain people.

“We love how it takes them back to a childlike state, even for just 5 minutes. Everyone forgets about the bills, the mortgage, their children’s arguments, the stresses of work and they become transfixed; lost and carefree in the moment.”

They perform fireworks displays all over Queensland and New South Wales, from birthday parties to fetes, fairs and festivals. Fireworks for Weddings are on the rise, with more brides wanting their own personalised piece of magic. To get photos in the album of the bride and groom standing in front of a beautifully crafted fireworks display seems to be every bride’s dream. Aerial Pyro-Tech performs more weddings than ever before and they believe it is a true delight to help make the wedding day that much more incredible!

Now let’s not forget New Year’s Eve, which is always a heightened thrill. A few of the locations Aerial Pyro-Tech have been involved are Maryborough, Harvey Bay, Aspley, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and many locations in and around Brisbane. And not a year goes by where the crowds don’t scream for more!

Aerial PyroTech

Aerial Pyro-Tech are a professional Brisbane fireworks display specialist that has been entertaining audiences and delivering the WOW Factor to nearly 3 million people.

“There is nothing more incredible than to hear the cheers from the audience and see the happy smiling faces on everyone.”

Company overview

Public Liability Insurance

We have in place in the possible event that something did go wrong, full public liability insurance of $20,000,000.00.  This is us just a precaution, however all our displays are fulled checked and work within our strict safety policies.

Fireworks Equipment

All their equipment is fully tested and compliant including fire extinguishers and First Aid kits.  Every 12 months, their staff undergo the First Aid training should it be required in the event of an emergency.

Contractor & Operator Licensing

A contractor is the only person allowed to visit a site and work with the event organiser to put on a fireworks display.  Aerial Pyro-Tech is a contractor and they have several staff that are all licenced operators capable and competent to deliver our award winning fireworks displays.

Safety Management Systems and Risk Assessments

With their Safety Management System also includes a full risk assessment process that allows them to identify hazards and potential hazards at every display site.  In turn once all hazards have been identified, and the risks reduced to an acceptable level, they are able to then determine the best fireworks for that site. This allows the audience to have the most memorable experience with the safest displays, whilst we still use the biggest possible fireworks.

TAFE Accredited

Aerial Pyro-Tech is accredited through TAFE Queensland.  They undergo a recertification process every 2 years to ensure they stay at the forefront of all QLD legislation.  They also work to a Safety Management System that governs all work procedures and processes throughout every area of the organisation.  The Department of Mines and Energy are the governing body that issue contractor and operator licences to individuals and corporations.

Service Responsibility

The Aerial Pyro-Tech service responsibilities are based around the need of providing an amazing show first time, every time.  Fireworks shows don’t get a second chance, especially for very important events such as weddings, birthdays and engagements.  This is why we are very careful to ensure that anything we can control wont go wrong during your event.  We make sure that we have backups for everything and rigorously test all of our equipment before we set up.

Aerial Pyro-Tech brings professionalism and expertise to any event and they love to perform and entertain all their crowds. They are a Brisbane fireworks display experts who love to entertain you!

If you want truly spectacular, don’t delay, get ‘cracking’ today…

Corporate Values

Aerial Pyro-Tech work to these values.  They are the guiding force by which the very best service, products and fireworks displays are delivered.

Connection 100%
Professionalism 100%
Creative Thinking 100%
Innovation 100%
Delivering the WOW Factor 100%
Growth with Integrity 100%
Highest Quality 100%
Fair Exchange 100%


Would you like to have a meeting and a coffee with us? Contact us and we will speak with you about your event and how we can assist you to make it magical.