About Aerial Pyro-Tech

The Aerial Pyro-Tech story began when someone found a loophole in the legislation that allowed companies to sell the consumer bags of fireworks to the general public for a short time back 1998 – 1999.  A friend of mine worked at a local business and a van came around selling  bags of fireworks. He got two bags, one for himself and one for me. I used these fireworks  for my mum’s birthday. I stood them in a bucket of sand to hold them upright but one leaned over in the sand and shot between me and my best mate.  Luckily, no one was injured!

A month later there was an advert in the local Trading Post about doing a course and getting a licence to do fireworks. In January 2000, I signed up for the course and successfully completed it.  This is where Aerial Pyro-Tech was born.

Scott Lording – Areial Pyro-Tech owner

A family owned business

Aerial Pyro-Tech is a family owned, Brisbane based fireworks business. We have been involved in fireworks for the past 17 years and in that time have performed some truly stunning and breathtaking fireworks displays. It has grown into a passion; a desire to entertain people. We perform fireworks displays all over Queensland and New South Wales, from birthday parties to fetes, fairs and festivals.

Aerial Pyro-TechFireworks for Weddings are on the rise, with more brides wanting their own personalised piece of magic. To get photos in the album of the bride and groom standing in front of a beautifully crafted fireworks display is every bride’s dream. Aerial Pyro-Tech performs more weddings than ever before and we believe it is a true delight to help make the wedding day that much more incredible!

Let’s not forget New Year’s Eve, which is always a heightened thrill. A few of the locations that the Aerial Pyro-Tech team have been involved are Maryborough, Harvey Bay, Aspley, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and many locations in and around Brisbane. At Aerial Pyro-Tech, we are a professional Brisbane fireworks display specialist that has been entertaining audiences and delivering the wow factor to nearly 3 million people.

TAFE Accredited

Aerial Pyro-Tech is accredited through TAFE Queensland.  We undergo a re-certification process every two years to ensure we stay at the forefront of all QLD legislation.  We also work to a Safety Management System that governs all work procedures and processes throughout every area of the organisation. 

The Department of Mines and Energy are the governing body that issue contractor and operator licences to individuals and corporations.

Our licence allows us to:

  • organise a fireworks display for the display host
  • possess fireworks to supply them to a fireworks operator
  • purchase fireworks to use in a fireworks display organised by the fireworks contractor
  • store and transport limited quantities of fireworks (to supply them to a fireworks operator).

We are more than happy to show all of our license certifications to any of our clients at any time.

Fireworks Brisbane

Contractor and Operator Licensing

A contractor is the only person allowed to visit a site and work with an event organiser to put on a fireworks display.  Aerial Pyro-Tech is a contractor and we have several staff that are all licenced operators capable and competent to deliver our award winning fireworks displays.

Public Liability Insurance

We have full public liability insurance of $20,000,000.00.  All our equipment is fully tested and compliant including fire extinguishers and First Aid kits.  Every 12 months, all of our staff undergo the First Aid training should it be required in the event of an emergency.

Corporate Values

At Aerial Pyro-Tech, we work to these values.  They are the guiding force by which the very best service, products and fireworks displays are delivered to you.  Our top priorities are:

  • Connection
  • Professionalism
  • Creative Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Delivering the WOW Factor
  • Growth with Integrity
  • Highest Quality
  • Fair Exchange

Aerial Pyro-Tech brings professionalism and expertise to any event and we love to perform and entertain our audiences.