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Brisbane fireworks, helping to enhance your audience’s experience!

Everything you have ever wanted to know about fireworks can be found with Brisbane fireworks specialists, Aerial Pyro-Tech.

Aerial Pyro-Tech is a Brisbane based company and specialises in designing and producing totally unique fireworks displays and special effects, and has been creating stunning visual masterpieces for many years. Full professional fireworks displays that won’t break the bank and will deliver the maximum WOW Factor that you, your guests and the greater community deserves.

Fireworks are now an integral part of many outdoor functions and events from simple garden weddings to spectacular international fireworks competitions with tens of thousands in the audience.

Marketing teams rely on fireworks to create that extra sparkle for product launches; Show Societies want extra Razzle and Dazzle to support making their show days a super successful event and corporate Australia are wanting to bring the best of the fireworks from around the world to our shores.

That is the reason why Aerial Pyro-Tech is called upon every week for their knowledge and their industry-leading expertise when only the best will do!

No more pop, pop, bang… straight up and down fireworks.  They give you the creative genius that you desire and deserve. Your display will be
fun, and have a zing like no other, with the use of large fan effects; aerial shells that burst in all their glory and spectacle with heart shapes, Smiley Faces, Hands, and Octopus effects; with rings, brocades and the amazing Chrysanthemums.

Your display can be as simple as a String of Crackers for events such as Chinese/Vietnamese New Year’s celebrations to large professional fireworks displays to wow the crowds at stadium events.  Each display can be fully choreographed to your choice of music or you can leave it all to their design team.

From the Brisbane EKKA to Melbourne New Year’s Eve; Redcliffe to the many Wedding displays that Aerial Pyro-Tech perform each year, they have the experience and professionalism that it takes to run a business of this calibre.  Entertaining audiences and delivering even bigger, brighter smiling faces from the children to the adults is what Aerial Pyro-Tech are all about. That is their passion, their thrill and their driver to continue to improve and produce the best displays ensuring each display is better than the last.

Aerial Pyro-Tech’s speciality is in choreographing professional, personalised displays for the events industry due to their ability to maximise the WOW Factor at the larger functions and deliver the quality usually only found at the international competitions.

If this appeals to you; if you want this level of experience, this level of quality and this level of safety, then you need to contact Aerial Pyro-Tech to first check their availability, and then book an appointment to see how they can bring all this and more to your event.

Let Aerial Pyro-Tech create a stunning and truly spectacular fireworks display for you!

Contact the leaders in Brisbane Fireworks Spectaculars for advice on everything to do with fireworks and to organise your display now.  

Avoid missing out – Contact them – 1300 305 894.